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Portion Control

How do we know when we ate too much, or if we are over eating? A lot of people do not know how many calories they require for their body type. This can easily be discovered on the internet by putting in your body weight and height activity level etc…
When you discover how many calories you would require, who wants to count calories for the rest of their life, I know I wouldn’t. So make sure to just get an idea of where you are on a daily basis for calories, it is incredible some times what you can learn about how many calories are in certain foods and what else you can eat to get the same amount of calories but increase nutritional levels.
I never count calories, However I do check the calories to make sure I don’t over eat. I try and keep my eating consistent; I always snack and eat periodically throughout the entire day. I know all too well how my night will end if I don’t eat throughout the day. I over eat because I feel starved and then I eat triple the amount, the body can only break down so much at a time, therefore not all the food gets processed and remains as fat. I then feel stuffed and tired, It is the same feeling I have almost every day of my third trimester being pregnant. Yuck!
Well here are some tips to maintain energy, lose weight or even maintain our current weight…

1. Write everything down, be consistent, and make sure you have somebody making sure you’re accountable. Even go as far as tracking your energy levels throughout the day and how your feeling. All this will help you understand what may work for yourself.

2. Be organized, the number one excuses for not eating probably is not enough time. We have time, it will take me three hours on the weekend to prep my meals for the week but then it is done. Do it with a partner for motivation.

3. We don’t have time to eat during the day. Eat throughout the day, set a timer and have snacks ready every two to three hours to make sure you continue to eat regularly until your body gets in the habit. I always keep an apple and some small snacks in my purse just in case I get over hungry. It surprises me how many people say they had to eat on the go, they are too busy. Seriously, how long does it take to cut up some veggies or put an apple or an orange in your purse, give me a break people! We make excuses to make ourselves feel better about the guilty conscious.

4. Trigger points. Find out what triggers you to over eat most often, for most it is boredom. I was once told if you are searching for something to eat and do not know what you want you’re not really that hungry, try drinking a couple glasses of water or making a nice green tea. Find something to keep you busy. Cravings, we tend to not “have” any food in the house when we get cravings. There can be your hard work sitting in the fridge your cut up veggies with dip, salad, homemade soup and we still do not have food in our house, right!
When this happens we know it is not because we are hungry, there is good food right in front of you, eat it!

All in all nobody is perfect, I have admitted to people I eat something bad every single day whether it is a piece of chocolate or maybe two or a handful of chips, whatever I crave I eat. That is what seems to work for me; I have healthy meals and healthy snacks 80 percent of the time and leave room for some delicious cravings 20 percent of the time. Bottom line is we all have to find something that works for us and that we can admit to ourselves will last for a life time and still give us the results we want to have.
Keep in mind I`m not trying to lose weight when I try to maintain so this method works for me, although when I was losing my baby fat after my first child it was more 90/10 ratio, Now after I have my second I have a feeling it will have to be 95/5 depending on how badly I would like to succeed in my weight loss goal.

My only advice to you is be consistent, organized, track your nutrition, be accountable, stay motivated and make sure what you embark on is something you can see yourself happy doing and maintaining forever and you will succeed.

If you feel you need help just getting started and are at a loss I offer cooking classes once a month for some quick and simple recipe ideas with a meal plan to help people get a kick start into your healthy living journey.


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