Don’t beat yourself up, life does not make “fit” living easy.

Don’t beat yourself up, life does not make “fit” living easy.

Don’t beat yourself up, LIFE does not make “fit” living EASY.

I want everybody to know I UNDERSTAND this “fit life” is not easy. Life does not make this an easy option for people. When I was personal training in Ottawa and travelling more than an hour to work and back plus working 10+ hours, 6 days a week, I was not “fit”. I was physically and mentally drained ALL THE TIME. I would “workout”, although I would have very little energy to “actually” workout. I was a motivator and a mentor to people but yet I was gaining weight and not sustaining my health and well-being, the sole thing I preach to people. Luckily I decided to travel in a different direction in my life and was blessed to be able too. I feel strongly now it is not always YOU who cannot sustain a “healthy lifestyle” it is your life. We have kids, jobs, daily life stressors that eat up our will-power and our ability to achieve more.
That all being said we still have to keep trying…..Why? What’s the point right?!?
I will tell you why…because you are worth it for yourself and your family. Doing something will always feel better than doing nothing. Maybe in one year of going to the gym every chance you could with very little energy, it did not show anything on the “weight loss” side but think about it this way instead you did not gain the average 5-10lbs yearly that people do when they don’t workout.
The bonus to attending a gym is to have a solid support system to make sure you keep coming back. That’s my main goal in this business. So do not beat yourself up, life isn’t easy and we will always have to face daily challenges but please don’t give up on your health because YOU ARE WORTH IT.
Here are 5 tips to help you stay on track….
1. Take time to plan out your week before it begins, workouts, meals, activities (make it work).
2. When you have family time, do active things like walking, cycling, hiking, swimming…
3. Cook your meals and pack a lunch
4. When you are at a kids practice, it’s okay for you to leave for a walk or run. Heck if they are being active why shouldn’t you?
5. Weekends, don’t make your weekend become your weak end. I get you had a long week and now you can actually relax, but… healthy living comes with some prep work, it is a choice you will have to make.

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