Have you ever heard the saying “You can either have excuses or results, not both!” Well there is only truth in that saying. You cannot have results if you’re not making fitness and health a priority. Excuses mask our guilt and limit us from achieving our goals. These are the excuses I hear way too often and how you can overcome them.

The excuses….

You don’t have time:
You have just as much time as the average person who makes it a point to exercise; the only difference is the person who is exercising has more energy. Time management is how you can make this a possibility in your life. Make room in your scheduler… wake up earlier, get a partner for extra motivation, join a class, hire a trainer, whatever you need to do. You have to get into a habit and make it consistent then it will become a lifestyle change.

You don’t commit to an exercise routine:
Keep in mind not everything happens overnight, it happens gradually. Start with something basic like small workouts or brisk walk every morning, try to be consistent. If you do not stick with something, you will not see results. Join a group and make sure some body holds you accountable for coming.

Exercise Hurts:
You don’t have to go hard to get the results you want. Start out slow and ease your way into a program. Exercise is not easy but it does get easier. My favorite quote of all times is “do something today your future self will thank you for”. When you start seeing results, you will forget all about the pain.

You`re not motivated:
Motivation does not just happen it is something you work on every day. Start with putting some workout gear on; commit to a small workout and see where it takes you. The feeling after a workout is like no other, you will be happy you did something rather than nothing. An easy trick is after a workout, write down how good you felt and then before your next workout read it to yourself for motivation.

Kids and family come before you:
I understand the importance of family, being a mother myself I can see the challenges and obstacles we may face. However, I also know it can be possible to stay active and family oriented. If you make time for yourself to live a more active lifestyle this in return will show your family how important it is to keep an active and healthy lifestyle.

Intimidated to exercise, you don’t know what you’re doing, so you don’t:
Hire a personal trainer to get started if you feel unaware. This will build your confidence and help set attainable goals. Find somebody who makes you feel comfortable and gives you the proper tools to achieve and maintain those goals.

Not seeing results fast enough:
Most people do not give it enough time in order to see the results they want. This is frustrating to me. It has taken your whole life to get to where you are now. If you want to change your lifestyle, it takes time. Make sure you enjoy the program you’re in and you are setting reasonable goals within a specific timeline. This will give you results.

You can’t afford it:
It is all about perspective; we contemplate where our money should be spent all the time and have to justify it. How does health and well-being not top this list? I think partially because it takes time, work and commitment. People will make purchases that give them instant gratification like buying clothing or fast food but this will not benefit your future. When you join a gym, classes or hire a trainer to better your general health, you make an investment in your future. We all want to be happy and feel great about ourselves. Confident, healthy, and working towards your goals is the optimal way.

Must I go on, Sorry if I sound harsh but I have been in this business for a long time and have heard all the excuses in the book, eventually you just get tired of hearing them. If you want something to happen, do something about it and stop being that person you hate. Start today not tomorrow, not Monday or at the beginning of the month. Be the person you want to be. My career is based on making you succeed and I truly believe in helping people obtain that goal, so if you have used these excuses before, Stop!
Come see me if you want to enjoy your fitness routine and get a true perspective on making your goals achievable in a realistic time frame!

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