Getting fit and healthy

Getting fit and healthy

How do we get fit and healthy, where do we start. Becoming healthy is not easy for everybody; I speak for myself on that note! It takes time, education, motivation, direction, encouragement, drive, will power and the one thing that will help you with all of these…GOALS.

So that’s what I would like to talk about, Goals. Goals can be amazing they can also be the most discouraging component towards achieving a healthier lifestyle. Now how can this be you ask, well I see it all too much in my profession, goals set you back because they are not S.M.A.R.T specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, attainable, or time effective. This is very important in setting a proper goal and we don’t use it enough. We place something on a piece of paper and the paper sits there with the same goal written on it for months. I think the goals I hate the most are general weight loss goals, they are so discouraging. The weight definitely did not come off overnight so we need other goals to maintain that motivation and drive in order to accomplish the weight loss goal.

Another example is a goal with no plan…like attempting to achieve 20 military push ups within a month. Let’s say you’re not even able to do one push up to the ground when you enter. It is too much within too long a timeframe. Be realistic, say one additional push up to the ground each week to accomplish possibly four or five by the end of the month. Accomplishing goals will help keep you motivated and encourage you to make another with even more enthusiasm.

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